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What should we do when the gas boiler leaks?

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Guide: Everyone knows that the boiler is divided into two main bodies, namely the boiler and the furnace. For the arrival of winter, whether it is heating or industrial needs, it is inseparable from the operation of the boiler

  Everyone knows that the boiler is divided into two main bodies, namely "boiler" and "furnace". Regarding the arrival of winter, whether it is heating or industrial needs, it is inseparable from the operation of the boiler. For a long time, the boiler will have problems of one kind or another. Today I will analyze and discuss with you, the boiler should be asked for water leakage. How to do?

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  Let's take the water leakage of a gas boiler as an example. When a gas boiler leaks, it is nothing more than these aspects. Let's analyze one by one below:


  1. Water leakage on the inner wall of the gas boiler: Water leakage on the inner wall is also divided into drum leakage, water cooling and downcomer leakage. If the former has a relatively small leakage, the same steel grade can be excavated and repaired, and then the flaw detection can be performed after the excavation. You need to replace the water leak


  Replace with a larger tube.


  2. Water leakage in the hand hole of the gas boiler: re-install and try to change the angle to see if the hand hole cover is deformed. If it is deformed, correct it first, and then wrap the mat evenly with raw tape. It is best to keep the same position as before the overhaul .


  3. Water leakage in the gas boiler drum: The cost of repairing is relatively high. It mainly depends on the location of the leak and the size of the leak. If there is red boiler water seeping out of the boiler, it means that there is a problem with the water quality, which may be due to low alkalinity or


  Metal corrosion caused by high dissolved oxygen in water. If the alkalinity is low, you can add sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate to the pot water. Metal corrosion caused by too high dissolved oxygen in the water. Low alkalinity can add sodium hydroxide or triphosphate to the pot water


  Sodium and dissolved oxygen in water are too high to be solved by deaerator.


  4. Water leakage in gas boiler water treatment system: first check whether the gas boiler is corroded. If the boiler corrodes, you need to remove the scale first, repair the leaking part, and then treat the circulating water, add chemicals, and change the material of the boiler and other equipment.


  Line corrosion, scale and protection.


  Fifth, gas boiler flue leaking: first check whether it is caused by boiler tube burst or tube plate cracks. If you need to change the tube or dig and repair the flue material, aluminum and stainless steel can be welded with aluminum wire or carbon steel. Iron materials can be directly


  Acid electrode.


  Sixth, gas boiler valve leaks: leaking valves should be packed or replaced with new valves.


  Regarding the above method, if the gas boiler leaks after welding, will it end? In fact, it is not, we have to continue to test to know. After the welding is completed, the water is filled with a water pump, and the water pressure on the boiler side reaches the working pressure, and then it is closed


  Check the upper water door of the boiler for leaks. When there is water shortage in the boiler, it will display the open type. After water shortage, the boiler will be started normally when the water supply valve is opened. This shows that the water leakage problem of the gas boiler is really solved.

  When there is water leakage in the boiler, we must find a skilled boiler worker to inspect and repair, or contact the manufacturer to send someone to inspect and repair it, so as to avoid serious consequences of unauthorized operation!


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