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Features of horizontal gas boiler

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Guide: Boiler is one of the special equipment, it is an energy conversion equipment, which transfers heat after burning chemical fuel to produce heat energy

  Boiler is one of the special equipment. It is an energy conversion equipment. It is a working process of heating the water in the boiler body by burning chemical fuel to produce heat energy and then converting it into steam or hot water.

  There are various forms of boiler fuel, but gas, oil, biomass, and electricity are usually used as fuels, such as gas fuel natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, and biogas; fuel oil is light oil or heavy oil. At present, the mainstream fuel is gas fuel, mostly natural gas.

  Gas boilers can be divided into horizontal gas boilers and vertical gas boilers according to their size. The product structure of vertical gas boilers is a "vertical" body type, which mostly refers to small boiler products, while horizontal gas boilers are of a "horizontal" body type, usually large boiler products.

  Horizontal gas boiler classification:

  Horizontal gas boilers can be divided into horizontal pressure gas boilers and horizontal atmospheric gas boilers according to pressure; according to the medium can be divided into horizontal gas steam boilers and horizontal gas hot water boilers, horizontal gas boiling water boilers, and horizontal gas boilers. Thermal oil furnace, etc.

  Features of horizontal gas boiler:

  1. High thermal efficiency

  The horizontal gas boiler adopts a three-pass wet back structure, which can further improve the heating area and thermal efficiency of the boiler, and its thermal efficiency can reach more than 92%. The improvement of thermal efficiency can not only shorten the working time but also reduce the operating cost.

  2, high safety factor

  Using multiple protection devices, such as high temperature warning, high pressure warning, water shortage protection, anti-dry burning system and other devices, can improve the safety factor of the boiler and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

  3, beautiful appearance

  The main body of the horizontal gas boiler has a beautiful appearance and adopts a scientific and reasonable design structure. The product is not only compact but also more convenient to install and use.

  4, intelligent control

  The computer control cabinet in the auxiliary equipment of the horizontal gas boiler is the operating system of the boiler. The boiler can be controlled intelligently through the buttons on the computer control cabinet, and the program can be automatically operated after setting.

  5. Clean and environmentally friendly

  uses fuel as gas, which belongs to clean energy. Therefore, horizontal gas boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler product, which meets boiler emission standards and is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.


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