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Working principle of boiler burner

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Guide: As a highly automated mechatronics device, the combustor can be divided into five major systems from its functions: air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system, and electronic control system.

  As a highly automated mechatronic equipment, the burner can be divided into five major systems from its functions: air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system, and electronic control system.

  Air supply system

  The function of the air supply system is to send air with a certain wind speed and volume into the combustion chamber. Its main components are: shell, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire tube, air door controller, air door baffle, cam adjustment mechanism, Diffusion disk.

  Ignition system

  The function of the ignition system is to ignite the mixture of air and fuel, and its main components are: ignition transformer, ignition electrode, electric fire high voltage cable. The flame length, cone angle and shape can be designed according to user requirements.

  Monitoring System

  The function of the monitoring system is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the burner. Its main components are flame monitor, pressure monitor, temperature monitor, etc.

  Fuel System

  The function of the fuel system is to ensure that the burner burns the required fuel. The fuel system of the oil burner mainly includes: oil pipes and joints, oil pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, and heavy oil preheaters. Gas burners mainly include filters, pressure regulators, solenoid valve groups, ignition solenoid valve groups, and fuel butterfly valves.

  Electronic Control System

  The electronic control system is the command center and contact center of the above systems. The main control element is a program controller. Different program controllers are equipped for different burners. Common program controllers are: LFL series, LAL series, LOA series, LGB series , The main difference is the time of each program step.

  After a few seconds of normal ignition and stable combustion, the servo motor drives the damper to the high-fire opening state (the fuel pump of the fuel engine opens to start fuel injection). At the same time, the servo motor of the proportional gas regulating valve cuts in, and according to the air pressure and the furnace back pressure To adjust the gas pressure behind the gas valve to adjust the amount of gas to achieve stable and efficient combustion.

  After that, the burner will automatically switch between large and small fire and shut down according to the requirements of each limit switch. During the entire combustion process, the ionization electrode and the air pressure switch monitor the burner.

  Burners have a variety of classification methods according to their different attributes. According to the fuel method, it is divided into oil burner, gas burner and dual fuel burner. Among them: in specific applications, oil burners are divided into light oil burners, heavy oil burners, etc.; gas burners are divided into natural gas burners, city gas burners, etc.

  is divided according to the combustion control method of the burner: single-stage fire burner, double-stage fire burner, proportional adjustment burner.

  According to the fuel atomization method, it is divided into: mechanical atomization burner, medium atomization burner; According to the structure, it is divided into: integral burner and split burner. Among them, the split burner is mainly used in industrial production, and its main feature is that the combustion system, the air supply system, and the control system are all decomposed and installed. This type of machine is mainly suitable for large-scale equipment or special working environments such as high temperature.


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