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How should the gas steam boiler be cleaned after being used for a long time?

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Guide: After the boiler has been out of service for a long time, we need to clean up the boiler during the operation of the boiler, which includes the problems of scale in the boiler and corrosion of the boiler.

  After the boiler has been out of service for a long time, we need to clean the boiler during the operation of the boiler. This includes the problems of scale in the boiler and corrosion of the boiler. So what should we do when cleaning the gas steam boiler?

  After long-term operation of gas boilers, scale and rust problems will inevitably appear. The main reason for boiler scale formation is the hardness components in the feed water. After continuous evaporation and concentration at high temperature and high pressure, a series of physical, The chemical reaction forms hard and dense scale on the heating surface, resulting in reduced heat transfer and corrosion factors under the scale, which will reduce the heat absorption of the boiler water-cooled fireplace and increase the outlet temperature of the boiler, which will increase the loss of the boiler. At the same time, scaling in the water wall reduces the heat transfer effect, which may cause the temperature of the water wall to increase and cause the water wall to burst, affecting the safe operation of the boiler. Scale is the "first of all hazards" of boilers, and is the main cause of boiler accidents. Its hazards are mainly manifested in: waste of a lot of fuel: because the thermal conductivity of scale is only one tens of the steel, so when the heating surface becomes fouled The heat transfer will be hindered. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, the temperature of the fire side must be increased, so that the outward radiation and smoke exhaust will cause heat loss.

  Gas boiler cleaning steps: one step: descaling and cleaning, add the configured descaling detergent to the circulating water of the cleaning tank in proportion to perform boiler cleaning and descaling, determine the cleaning cycle time and the amount of reagent added according to the amount of scale, confirm all After the scale is cleaned, move to the next cleaning procedure. Step 2: Clean with clean water. After connecting the cleaning equipment to the boiler, clean with clean water for 10 minutes to check the system status for leaks, and at the same time clean the floating rust. Step 3: Strip anticorrosive cleaning, add surface stripper and slow-release agent to the circulating water of the cleaning tank according to the ratio, and cycle for 20 minutes to separate the scale and the cleaned parts, and at the same time, perform the cleaning on the surface of the object without scaling. Anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the cleaning parts during descaling cleaning. The fourth step: passivation coating treatment, add passivation coating agent, passivation coating treatment to the boiler cleaning system to prevent corrosion of pipelines and components and new rust formation.


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