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How should we maintain the steam boiler after producing steam?

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Guide: The purpose of using a steam boiler is to generate steam for heating, but when the steam boiler produces steam, the equipment should not be left alone.

  The purpose of using a steam boiler is to generate steam for heating, but when the steam boiler produces steam, the equipment should not be left alone. It is still necessary to pay more attention, because the steam boiler will start to increase the pressure at the same time. The saturation temperature of the water also began to increase continuously.

  As the water temperature in the steam boiler continues to rise, the bubbles and the metal wall temperature of the evaporating heating surface also start to rise at any time. It is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of thermal expansion and thermal stress. Because the wall thickness of the bubbles is relatively thick, the main problem in the heating process of the boiler The problem is thermal stress.

  At the same time, the overall thermal expansion problem must be considered, especially for the pipes on the heating surface of the steam boiler. Because of the thin wall thickness and long length, the problem during the heating process is the overall thermal expansion. At the same time, pay attention to its thermal stress to prevent Ignore and cause malfunction.

  When the steam boiler produces steam and raises the pressure, there is a temperature difference along the wall thickness and a temperature difference between the upper and lower walls of the bubble. When the temperature of the inner wall is higher than the temperature of the outer wall, and the temperature of the upper wall is higher than that of the lower part, in order to prevent excessive For thermal stress, the boiler must be slowly boosted.

  While the steam boiler is in the process of ignition and boosting, the boiler's steam parameters, water level and working conditions of various components are also constantly changing. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of abnormal situations and other dangerous accidents, professional staff must be arranged to closely monitor the changes in various instrument instructions.

  By adjusting and controlling some process parameters such as pressure, temperature and water level within the normal allowable range, at the same time, the reliability and safety of various instruments, valves and other parts must be assessed, so as to fully ensure the safe and stable operation of the steam boiler .

  The higher the pressure of the steam boiler, the higher the energy consumption, and the higher the pressure received by the corresponding steam-using equipment, piping and valves, which will also increase the protection and maintenance requirements of the steam boiler. The proportion of heat dissipation and loss during the production and transportation of the generated steam will also increase. The salt content contained in the high-pressure steam will increase with the increase of the air pressure. These salts cause structural phenomena in the heated area of ​​the water wall pipe, smoke pipe and drum, resulting in overheating, bubbling, blockage, etc., and in severe cases, it can cause pipeline explosion And other dangerous accidents.


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