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What is an alcohol-based fuel boiler? What is the difference between an alcohol-based fuel boiler an

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Guide: For boiler products, there are many categories. According to users, they can be divided into hot water boilers, steam boilers, and boiling water boilers.

  For boiler products, there are many classifications. According to users, they can be divided into: hot water boilers, steam boilers, and boiling water boilers; according to body types, they can be divided into: horizontal boilers and vertical boilers; according to pressure, they can be divided into: Atmospheric boilers and pressure boilers; according to the fuel can be divided into: gas boilers, oil boilers, biomass boilers, electric boilers and alcohol-based fuel boilers and so on.

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  Today I will explain to you what is an alcohol-based fuel boiler? Before I explain, let me talk about the current form of China's environmental policy. Since 2016, China has placed an important position on environmental quality issues and launched a series of related policies. Among them, for boiler products, to gradually replace traditional coal-fired boilers, new types of clean energy boilers must be used. In this environment, the boilers currently used in the market are mainly gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, and electric boilers. Boilers, biomass boilers and alcohol-based fuel boilers are auxiliary.

  For gas boilers, although it is economical and environmentally friendly, some remote areas do not have natural gas pipelines, so many companies will retreat to use oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, etc., but some companies will choose biomass boilers and alcohol-based fuels. boiler.

  Here we explain what an alcohol-based fuel boiler is. When it comes to alcohol-based fuel boilers, we have to say methanol boilers. In fact, methanol boilers are a fuel form of alcohol-based fuel boilers, which are only produced by methanol boilers during combustion. The calorific value is not high, but some companies have higher requirements for the calorific value of the boiler, and ordinary methanol boilers cannot meet the demand. Therefore, according to market demand, alcohol-based fuel boilers in the form of alcohol-based fuel have appeared.

  Alcohol-based fuel boiler is a fuel that uses methanol, ethanol, butanol, etc. as the main configuration, and then adds certain chemical components to become alcohol-based fuel. Alcohol-based fuel boiler not only meets the needs of enterprises The demand for calorific value has met the needs of environmental policies. At the same time, alcohol-based fuel is a new type of environmentally friendly clean energy and is strongly recommended by the government. Therefore, alcohol-based fuel boilers are also favored by many companies!


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