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Which is better for gas boilers and oil boilers? Which operating cost is relatively low

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Guide: With the strengthening of national environmental policies, all regions of the country are carrying out the elimination of traditional coal-fired boilers

  With the strengthening of the country’s environmental policy, the elimination of traditional coal-fired boilers in all regions of the country. At present, most companies choose gas-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers. These two products are currently the most “hot” products and are popular And personal favorites.

  Both gas boilers and oil boilers are environmentally friendly, gas boilers will be more environmentally friendly and cleaner, and oil boilers will emit black smoke.

oil gas boiler

  For companies, when purchasing gas boilers, they should pay attention to two points: 1. Whether a natural gas pipeline is opened near the company. 2. The cost of opening the natural gas pipeline is relatively high. If the natural gas pipeline is not opened, then there is no need to consider the gas boiler. If the natural gas pipeline is opened nearby, we must also consider the cost of opening the natural gas. For companies with economic pressure, we still have to make a decision.

  When companies choose oil-fired boilers, we must consider the cost of fuel. Generally speaking, natural gas is relatively low in price compared to oil, but natural gas is expensive to open, and oil-fired boilers have relatively high thermal efficiency. , We must have a rough budget in mind.

We use 1-ton gas-fired steam boiler and a 1-ton oil-fired boiler for comparison:

  The main body of the gas boiler and the oil boiler is basically the same, but the burner used is different. For the burner, the burner of the gas boiler must be expensive for the burner of the oil boiler. A 1-ton gas- fired boiler consumes about 60 cubic meters of gas per hour, and a 1-ton oil-fired boiler consumes about 60 kilograms of oil per hour. We all make budgets based on local prices.

For the long-term development of the company, Boiler House recommends that you choose gas boilers. Although the initial cost is relatively high, it is more cost-effective in the later stage. For oil-fired boilers, it is recommended when there is no natural gas pipeline. .


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