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Why does the boiler explode? What caused the boiler to explode?

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Guide: The boiler is characterized by high temperature and high pressure energy conversion equipment, which is one of the special equipment

  The boiler is characterized by high temperature and high pressure energy conversion equipment. It is one of the special equipment. Because the boiler has a wide range of use and involves most of the common departments, the boiler will have a great impact once an accident occurs. It is called dangerous and special equipment.

coal fired boiler

  The main purposes of boilers can be divided into two categories: one is industrial boilers, among which steam boilers are used more; the other is hot water boilers, which are mainly used for heating in winter and domestic boiling water.

  Among them, the steam boiler has the risk of explosion due to its pressure. The steam boiler needs to have pressure gauges and safety valves, which can relatively play a role in safety protection.

  According to the purpose, hot water boilers can be divided into two categories: one is atmospheric hot water boiler and the other is pressure hot water boiler. Pressurized hot water boiler is a hot water boiler with pressure, which has the risk of explosion. Normal pressure hot water boilers generally do not explode. If it is abnormal operation or boiler maintenance is not carried out, there will be explosions of atmospheric hot water boilers, but in general, the explosion of atmospheric hot water boilers The energy is relatively low, far less than the harm caused by the pressure boiler.

The general boiler explosion accident is nothing more than the following 5 reasons:

  1. Abnormal operation. As one of the special equipment, the boiler must be familiar with the various equipment and usage of the boiler in the operation of the boiler, and remember to let people who do not understand the boiler perform the boiler combustion.

  2. The boiler is seriously short of water. Generally speaking, a boiler is composed of two major items: a "pot" and a "furnace". The "pan" is a container for holding water, and the "furnace" is a heating device, just like a gas stove. Just imagine, on a gas stove What will happen if the pressure cooker is burning all the time? It is like this when the boiler is severely short of water!

  3. The boiler has serious scale. When the boiler is burning for a long time, especially for the heating pressurized hot water boiler, it has to be continuously burned every day in the winter. If this happens for a long time, scale will appear in the boiler body, even if it is better used This is also the case with the softened water tank and water treatment of the boiler. Severe scale in the boiler will directly affect the heating area of ​​the boiler, which will not only reduce the quality of the boiler’s operation, but also cause uneven pressure of the boiler, leading to an explosion accident.

  4. No boiler maintenance. As mentioned above, the boiler is a special equipment. Therefore, the boiler needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of the boiler can not only improve the efficiency of the boiler, but also reduce the occurrence of accidental boiler explosion.

  5. The boiler pipe installation is wrong. This situation is relatively rare. Generally speaking, our company has two ways to install boilers after purchasing boiler products. One is to install and debug directly by the manufacturer, and the other is to directly contact the local installation company for installation. These two methods have related qualifications and technologies, so it is very rare that the boiler pipe installation error is very rare!


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