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Is the biomass boiler an environmentally friendly boiler? Does it meet the national environmental po

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Guide: With the strengthening of the country’s comprehensive environmental rectification, many industries are actively carrying out rectifications and have achieved significant results

  With the strengthening of the country’s comprehensive environmental rectification, many industries are actively carrying out rectification and have achieved significant results. This is also true for boiler products. Today, Boiler Home is discussing the biomass in boiler products. Is the boiler an environmentally friendly boiler?

  First of all, let's talk about environmental protection boilers. What is an environmental protection boiler? As the name suggests, an environmental protection boiler is a product that meets the national environmental policy standards and achieves low emissions and low pollution. Since the comprehensive environmental improvement in 2006, coal-fired boilers have been eliminated in many areas. Most companies will choose gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers and biomass boilers. Among these products, gas boilers are clean and environmentally friendly, simple to operate, and low in later operating costs, so they are favored by enterprises. However, the premise of gas boilers is that they need to be connected to natural gas pipelines. For remote areas, they cannot be opened without natural gas pipelines. Use a gas boiler.

  For some companies, after gas boilers cannot be used, companies want to use them economically and meet environmental protection requirements. Many people choose biomass boilers. This is the main reason why biomass boilers have developed rapidly in recent years. For biomass boilers, we need to understand whether its fuel characteristics meet environmental protection requirements. Let's analyze it below:

  The fuel of the biomass boiler is biomass pellets. It uses waste wood, rice husks, straws, peanut shells, etc. as raw materials. It is a renewable resource. Its exhaust gas is 1.3g per cubic meter and contains sulfur and nitrogen It is 80mg, which is in line with the national environmental policy standards. In addition, biomass boilers are waste recycling, low fuel costs, and can beautify the environment, and can reduce environmental pollution on both sides. Therefore, biomass boilers are also followed by gas boilers. One of the products strongly recommended by the government.


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