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How to prevent the harmful gas produced by the boiler during combustion?

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Guide: When the boiler is burning, most of the gas will be removed with the flue and chimney

  When the boiler is burning, most of the gas will be removed with the flue and chimney, but sometimes the boiler will also have harmful gas overflow. Generally speaking, the boiler will produce nitrogen monoxide and dioxide during the combustion process. Nitrogen and other gases, when faced with gas overflow, a small amount may not be obvious, and if a large amount of gas overflows, it will cause accidents. What should we do in this situation?

  1. For the boiler room, we must pay attention to the ventilation phenomenon in the room. We should not tighten doors and windows because it is too cold in winter. The ventilation system of the boiler room must be turned on within 24 hours.

  2. Equipped with gas masks or respirators in the boiler room, which can further reduce the harm of harmful gases to the body.

  3. When boiler workers are unwell when burning the boiler, we should stop the operation immediately, leave the boiler room quickly, and breathe fresh air outside. If it is serious, we should go to the hospital for medical treatment.

  4. There must be two boiler workers in the boiler room, or one supervisor, if there is an emergency, it is more effective to get timely rescue.

  5. If an alarm occurs on the carbon monoxide concentration test meter in the boiler room, we should immediately strengthen the ventilation, and quickly leave the scene, and then go in and work when the concentration is reduced.

  Because of one of the special equipment of the boiler, we need to be cautious about any actions in the boiler room, and take scientific and effective measures in the face of emergencies to ensure the safety of personnel and boilers!


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