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Matters needing attention when installing natural gas hot water boiler

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Natural gas hot water boiler Precautions during installation

  Natural gas hot water boilers are a type of gas boilers, which are classified according to the use of the boiler and the type of fuel. Boilers can be divided into steam boilers, hot water boilers and heat-conducting oil boilers according to product usage. Steam boilers are mostly used for industrial production needs, heat conduction oil furnaces are also related to production, and hot water boilers are mostly related to life.

  For hot water boilers, gas-fired hot water boilers are currently the most used. Gas-fired hot water boilers mainly burn natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas and coal gas. Among these gas fuels, natural gas is the most used, and natural gas is the current mainstream Fuel, occupying an important market position, is also the mainstream fuel in the next few years.

Hot water boilers have a wide range of applications, mostly used for heating and bathing, such as schools, bathhouses, shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, hospitals and other crowded places, so the safe use of hot water boilers is particularly important, the natural gas hot water boiler What should be paid attention to during installation?

   1. Boiler site selection

The natural gas hot water boiler must be reasonable when choosing the address. Do not install it in a basement with no air circulation. Also, avoid flammable and explosive materials in the boiler room. We need to choose a boiler that is safe, ventilated and free of debris. In the room.

  2, the environment is dry

When choosing the installation location of the natural gas hot water boiler, we should choose a dry environment, especially the boiler host should not be in a dark and humid environment. This will cause the boiler to rust and corrode for a long time. We must ensure that the equipment is dry Environment.

  3, debugging and installation

   When installing the natural gas hot water boiler, we ensure that the installer has professional installation knowledge and installation experience, so that we can ensure the smooth operation of the boiler during installation and no accidents during use.

   4. Late inspection

   After installing the natural gas hot water boiler, we need to check again, such as the installation of the main boiler, the auxiliary equipment, the connection of valves and meters, and ensure that the various supporting facilities of the boiler are in normal working condition.


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