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Common failure causes of thermal oil heater

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Guide: 1. The possible causes of smoke coming out of the furnace: 1. The flue is blocked. 2. The air volume of the blower and induced draft fan is not adjusted properly. Troubleshooting: 1. Dredge the flue, remove the dust from the dust collector and the dust in the furnace 2. Adjust Air pressure and air volume keep the furnace 16-29.4pa negative pressure (2-3mmHo)

  1. Smoke from the furnace

  possible reason:

  1. The flue is blocked

  2. Improper adjustment of the air volume of the drum and induced draft fan

  elimination method:

  1. Dredge the flue, remove the dust from the dust collector and the ash tank in the furnace

  2. Adjust the air pressure and air volume to keep the furnace 16-29.4pa negative pressure (2-3mmHo)

  2. Low liquid level alarm in expansion tank

  Failure reason: The pipeline system (including the oil furnace) leaked oil or failed to replenish the oil in time after degassing.

  Removal method: remove system defects and replenish new oil.

  Third, the problem of pipeline oil circulation is not smooth

  cause of issue:

  1, the filter is clogged

  2, the viscosity of the heat transfer oil increases

  3, the valve is not fully opened

  4. There are debris left in the tube

  elimination method:

  1, cleaning the filter

  2. Replenish or replace the heat transfer oil

  3. Open the valve

  4, clear the debris in the tube

  Fourth, the sound of gas thumping is found in the delivery pipe, and the pointer of the inlet and outlet pressure gauge is swinging.

  The mixed air is not exhausted when replenishing new oil.

  5. The pressure difference is lower than the given value

  cause of issue:

  1, circulating oil pump suction

  2, heat transfer oil contains steam

  3, the filter resistance is large

  4, the heating furnace tube leaks oil

  elimination method:

  1. Remove oil pump and pipeline defects

  2, cook oil and degas

  3, cleaning the filter

  4. Check the heating coil in the furnace

  6. ​​The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heating furnace exceeds the given value (determined by test and operation)

  cause of issue:

  1, the oil supply of the circulating pump decreases

  2, overload operation

  3, thermal oil deterioration

  4. The heating furnace does not match the heating equipment

  5. Poor insulation

  6. The oil contains gas and steam

  elimination method:

  1. Clear oil pump and pipeline faults

  2. Reduce to normal load operation

  3, change the oil

  4. Reasonable selection of coal-fired heating furnace

  5. Re-heat insulation

  6, continue to degas, steam


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