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The country advocates boiler low-nitrogen transformation, so how can the boiler achieve low-nitrogen

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Guide: The state advocates boiler low-nitrogen transformation, how can the boiler achieve low-nitrogen emissions? In what ways can the boiler achieve low carbon emissions?

  In what ways can the boiler's low carbon emissions be achieved?

  1. Replace the boiler

  The boiler that controls the generation of nitrogen oxides from the source should be selected. At present, the more advanced and mature technology on the market is the condensing gas boiler that adopts full premixed combustion. Through the multifunctional gas/air ratio control valve, the gas and air are in an appropriate ratio. After mixing thoroughly, ignite and burn again. A proper gas-to-air ratio will make the gas fully burn, and the excess air coefficient will be controlled at about 1.2-1.3, which can not only condense the water vapor in the flue gas, release the latent heat, but also reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. Control the formation of nitrogen oxides from the source.

  2, replace the burner

  The replacement, modification and commissioning of the boiler burner, and the resulting impact on the safety of the boiler, shall be the responsibility of the burner manufacturer or its authorized unit. However, the "Notice on the Safety Risk Warning of Boiler Low Nitrogen Combustion Reformation" issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau stated: For boilers in use, it is not recommended to directly reform the burner.

  3. The boiler is in use for flue gas treatment

  The nitrogen oxides that have been generated are reduced to nitrogen through certain means. The existing reduction methods include dye reburning, selective catalytic reduction, and non-selective catalytic reduction.


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