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Our province strives for "seven guarantees" to keep citizens warm through the winter

2020-10-08 09:00    page view:

Guide: Reporter Liu Jia reports As winter approaches, urban heating has become a hot spot of social concern

  Reporter Liu Jia reports As winter approaches, urban heating has become a hot spot of social concern. What kind of situation is facing the province’s urban heating this year? What measures are there to ensure that urban residents stay warm during the winter? On September 28, the reporter learned at the provincial urban heating work conference held by the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department that this year, the province’s urban heating We will take the safe operation of heating facilities in winter as the main line and ensure the people to survive the winter safely and warmly, and strive to achieve the "seven guarantees."

  The "seven guarantees" are: to ensure that the residential heating room temperature reaches above 18°C; to ensure that a household in difficulty is not frozen in winter; to ensure that the province's heating supply is tested in cold and hot conditions 3 to 5 days in advance; to ensure that coal is used for heating, Sufficient gas consumption, coal-fired boilers meet the emission standards; ensure that the timely rate of heating facilities maintenance reaches 100%; ensure the completion of the elimination of small coal-fired heating boilers, and the safe and stable operation of new heat source plants; ensure that the number of effective complaints for heating temperature failures is reduced.

  Heating in winter is the basic living needs of the people in our province, and it is related to the vital interests of thousands of households. It is an important livelihood project and a popular project. In order to ensure the achievement of the "seven guarantees" goal and allow urban residents to survive the winter warmly, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department requires all departments and heating companies to focus on four tasks.

  Make a good fuel reserve during the heating period. At present, the overall situation of energy reserves such as coal and natural gas for heating in various regions is in good condition, which can meet the needs of the first and severe cold periods, and lay a solid foundation for the opening of the heating system this year. Local heating management departments should continue to guide enterprises to prepare energy reserves, strengthen communication and coordination with development and reform, transportation, public security and other relevant departments, pay close attention to energy supply dynamics, take measures such as suppressing non-residents when necessary, and give priority to ensuring heating, etc. Gas for people's livelihood.

  Carry out special investigation and remediation actions. The heating management departments of each city should organize their efforts to conduct a pull-net investigation on the preparations for the open-bolt heating supply in the region, and integrate the heating enterprises and residential communities with concentrated problems, especially the newly built communities and eliminated small boilers into the centralized heating network. In the old community, it is necessary to work on site and solve the problem within a time limit to ensure that the bolts are opened for heating on time, and the line inspection management is strengthened, and various hidden dangers are promptly investigated and eliminated, so as to prevent large-scale shutdowns caused by boiler and pipe network failure.

  Prepare for emergency response carefully. Local heating industry authorities and enterprises should revise and improve the emergency response plan for heating as soon as possible. In the event of a heating facility and equipment accident, insufficient heating energy security, and abandonment of pipes and supplies, they should be promptly and properly handled.

  Improve the level of heating service. Local heating management departments and heating companies must always keep the bottom line of urban heating quality and service, carry out "petitioners asking for heating" activities, and realize early knowledge, early reporting, and early handling of heating problems reported by all parties in the society. Solve it early and effectively improve service levels.


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