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Special Inspection Office of Xinjiang Changji Market Supervision and Administration Bureau makes every effort to ensure the safe operation of heating enterprises

2020-10-10 10:43    page view:

Guide: China Quality News Network News In order to fully do a good job in the safety of special heating equipment and heating service during the winter heating period of 2020, to ensure the safe operation of special heating equipment

  China Quality News Network News In order to do a good job in the safety of special heating equipment and heating services during the 2020 winter heating period, to ensure the safe operation of special heating equipment and to ensure the warmth of the people in Changji Prefecture through the winter. Recently, the Pressure Room of the Special Inspection Office of the Market Supervision Administration of Xinjiang Changji Prefecture combined with the activities of "delivering services, entering the enterprise, and lowering the grassroots level", arranging inspectors to go to Fukang City, Jimusaer County, Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone and various counties and cities In remote villages and towns in the surrounding area, regular inspections were carried out on 10 heating boilers of heating enterprises. The inspection found that the middle row had 1 heating boiler with arch burning and 2 heating boilers with grate slabs falling off. All on-site problems urged enterprises to complete timely rectification.

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  This work focuses on the inspection and testing of special heating equipment, especially heating boilers, heating pipes and their safety accessories, and instruments, mainly from the establishment and implementation of the safety management system of heating enterprises, the establishment of safety management institutions and the staffing, and safety responsibilities The implementation of the system, the use of registration, and the status of the operating personnel’s licenses shall be inspected, and unlicensed operations and illegal operations shall be resolutely eliminated.

  Heating work in winter is a major event related to people’s livelihood. Inspectors found problems and promptly urged heating companies to implement rectifications to ensure the safe and stable operation of special equipment such as heating boilers. This gave all heating companies a "reassurance" for the comprehensive winter supply. Provide technical support for emergency safety protection of thermal special equipment.


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