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On the first day of heating, Yining's heating enterprises went all out to send warmth

2020-10-12 13:32    page view:

Guide: Yili News Network (Reporter Li Yafeng) October 10 is the first day of winter heating in Yining City. How is the operation of heating enterprises in the city?

  Yili News Network (Reporter Li Yafeng) October 10th is the first day of winter heating in Yining City. How are the heating companies operating in the city? Is heating delivered to residents’ homes? Which areas are not yet heated? On that day, the reporter came to the section Heat supply companies and residents' homes, understand the heating situation in the capital.

  At the Fourth Heat Source Plant on Yingayati Road, Yining City, the reporter saw that the boiler was running. It is understood that the heating area of ​​this area is 3.7 million square meters, an increase of 1 million square meters over the same period last year. “Heating at 0:00 on October 10th is on schedule, and the residents’ homes are heating up one after another.” Wei Hao, deputy director of the Fourth Heat Source Plant of Yining Heating Supply Co., Ltd., introduced that the company is working overtime to keep an eye on the safe operation of equipment to ensure heating. Safety.

  The reporter saw on the monitoring screen of the dispatching room of Yining Heating Co., Ltd. that all 231 heat exchange stations in the city had been in operation since 0:00 on October 10, and the heat flow was continuously being sent to residents' homes.

  Ma Lei, director of the production department of Yining Heating Supply Co., Ltd., introduced that the current heating equipment operating parameters are normal and stable. The third and fourth heat source plants have a total reserve of 5,000 tons of coal. The two thermal power plants are also supplying normal heating and the equipment is operating stably. Ma Lei said that because of the heating on the first day, the customer service hotline 8141234 received the most complaints from residents that the home was not hot or the pipes had no water. The heating company suggested that residents check their own heating facilities. The above problems can be solved by exhausting and checking pipe valves. . If after taking the above measures, the residents’ homes are still not hot or the pipes are running out of water, they can call the service hotline 8141234 for help.

  Speaking of heating 10 days earlier this year, Zhang Fengling, a resident who opened a laundry shop on Liqun Road in Yining City, looked happy: "The temperature has dropped sharply these days, and my hands are very cold when working in the shop. This year, heating is 10 days earlier than last year. , Not only the body is warmer, but the heart is warmer."

  The reporter learned that due to the full preparations for winter heating in Yining this year, the equipment pipe network is running well, the heating effect is generally better in both the old city and the new city, and the satisfaction of residents is greatly improved.

  The heat source plant of Yili Weber Heating Power Co., Ltd. has provided normal heating to 4,700 residents of 5 million square meters. According to Zhu Wentao, assistant to the general manager of the company, the baggage stations of Yingcai, Kindergarten, Third Middle School, and Building Materials Market in the area have all started operation at 0:00 on October 10 and began to send heat. Except for the old stations near the city traffic police, Aviation Homes, Dream Harbor, Wanrong Commercial, Furui Homes, and Emerald City, the old stations cannot be heated as scheduled. The rest of the floor heating stations are being opened in sequence to circulate hot water throughout the network.

  "Equipment overhaul and pipe network transformation began in summer. At present, the heating system has not experienced major failures after operation. The pipe network equipment is operating in an orderly manner. It is expected that most residents in the jurisdiction will be able to feel the warmth in their homes in two days." Zhu Wentao Said that the two boilers of Weber Thermal are currently operating normally, and a hot station, external network, repair report, and emergency repair team have been set up 24 hours a day to deal with external network leakage and boiler failure. Residents can call 0999-8129170 and 8125553 if they encounter heating problems.

  Yining heating companies remind users that gas is constantly produced when the heating system is running. When the gas accumulates to a certain extent, an air lock will be generated, which will hinder the circulation of water and cause the radiator to not be hot. Users must unscrew the exhaust valve to discharge the pipe network. The gas in the heating system needs to be exhausted multiple times, especially in the initial stage of heating. In addition, residents should always check the indoor heating system for leaks, and contact the heating company if any problems are found.


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