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Tianjin encourages energy-saving technological transformation and implements contract energy management model

2020-05-12 14:39    page view:

Guide: A few days ago, the Tianjin Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the key points of Tianjin’s energy-saving work in 2020. The notice stated that it encouraged the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation projects, the pr

A few days ago, the Tianjin Development and Reform Commission issued a notice of Tianjin’s energy-saving work in 2020. The notice stated that it encouraged the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation projects, the promotion of high-efficiency and energy-saving products, the implementation of contractual energy management models, the promotion of waste heat utilization in the park, the energy-saving renovation of boilers, and the elimination of backward mechanical and electrical equipment. task.

Circular of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission on Printing and Distributing the Main Points of Tianjin's Energy Conservation Work in 2020

The people's governments of various districts, relevant commissions and bureaus, key energy-using units, and relevant units:

In order to control the total energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote green development, the main points of our city's energy conservation work in 2020 are now notified as follows:

1. Work objectives

In 2020, the city's total energy consumption will be controlled within 86 million tons of standard coal, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP will fall by about 1% compared with 2019.

2. Key work

(1) Clarify energy saving target responsibilities

1. Hold an annual energy-saving work promotion meeting, summarize work experience, and arrange key tasks.

2. Decompose the goal of “dual control” of energy consumption in 2020 to the district people’s government, industry authorities and key energy-using units. Regularly hold joint meetings on energy conservation work, closely monitor the energy consumption of key regions, key industries, and key enterprises, strengthen energy conservation situation analysis and early warning regulation, and ensure the completion of the "dual control" goal of energy consumption.

3. Organize the "dual control" assessment of total energy consumption and intensity of the district people's government and key energy-using units in 2019, and publish the assessment results to the public. Print and publish the 2020 assessment arrangements, clarify the assessment content and scoring standards, and guide and promote related work.

(2) Strengthen the management of key energy-using units

4. Organize the online filing of the 2019 Energy Utilization Status Report, review the Energy Utilization Status Report, and consider key energy-using units with data quality problems as key targets for energy conservation monitoring.

5. Promote the effective operation of the energy management system, organize the evaluation of the effectiveness of the energy management system construction, and publish the evaluation results to the public. Encourage key energy-using units to carry out energy management system certification.

6. Organize and implement energy audits, review energy audit reports, report on energy audits in 2019, issue energy audit plans for 2020, and guide and urge key energy-using units to implement energy-saving measures.

7. Build and improve the energy consumption online monitoring system, organize the quality review and project acceptance of the data uploaded by the key energy-using units. By the end of 2020, all key energy-consuming unit energy consumption online monitoring data will be connected to the city-level platform.

(3) Improve the whole process management of energy saving

8. Deepen the reform of the administrative review and approval system for energy conservation review, study and formulate the “14th Five-Year Plan” regional assessment implementation measures, strengthen business guidance to district energy conservation review departments, strengthen post-event supervision, and conduct spot checks on the implementation of project energy conservation review opinions.

9. Give play to the city's energy-saving special fund guidance role, encourage the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation projects, promote high-efficiency energy-saving products, promote contract energy management models, promote the park's waste heat utilization, boiler energy-saving transformation, and the elimination of backward mechanical and electrical equipment and other key tasks.

10. Develop an annual energy conservation monitoring plan, organize and carry out special monitoring on the implementation of energy consumption limit standards and boiler energy efficiency standards, the elimination of high-energy-consuming backward equipment, the implementation of energy-saving management systems in key energy-using units, and the energy-saving review of fixed asset investment projects.

(4) Promote key energy-saving tasks

11. Start the preparation work of the city's energy-saving “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” and study the energy-saving target decomposition and assessment methods of regions, industries and key energy-using units

12. Carry out legislative investigations on the "Energy Management Measures of Tianjin's Key Energy-using Units" to improve the energy conservation regulations and standards system.

13. Strengthen energy-saving credit information management, and include the results of the “dual control” assessment of energy consumption by key energy-using units and relevant information on energy-saving monitoring in the social credit system records.

(5) Strengthen energy-saving publicity and training

14. Carry out the theme activities of Energy Conservation Publicity Week, promote energy conservation laws and regulations, promote energy conservation technologies and products, establish an advanced model of "I contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction", and create a good atmosphere for energy conservation in the whole society.

15. Organize professional training for personnel of district energy-saving competent departments, key energy-using units, and energy-saving service organizations to improve energy-saving management, supervision, and service capabilities.


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