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What are the main application areas of thermal oil boilers?

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Guide: At present, the boiler medium used more is still water and heat transfer oil, which play a significant role in the production process. So which factories can use heat transfer oil boilers? What are the application areas of thermal oil furnace?

  At present, the boiler medium used more is still water and heat transfer oil, which play a big role in the production process, so which factories can use it Thermal oil boiler?What are the application areas of thermal oil furnace?

  1. The oil refinery uses heat transfer oil to preheat the cold material for heating the solvent and extractant evaporation device in the lubricating oil manufacturing process.

  2. Chemical industry, used for distillation, evaporation, polymerization, condensation/demulsification, fatification, drying, melting, dehydrogenation, forced insulation, and heating of synthetic devices such as pesticides, intermediates, antioxidants, surfactants, and fragrances.

  3. Food industry, bread baking equipment, biscuit food baking equipment, candy production equipment, grain drying equipment, edible oil extraction and refining equipment, distillation pot, autoclave, conveyor belt dryer heating.

       4. Textile industry, used in drying setting device, hot melt dyeing device, dyeing printing device, dryer, dryer, calender, flattening machine, washing machine, cloth rolling machine, ironing machine, hot air stenter, etc. Heating.

   5. In the medical industry, heating of equipment and devices such as medicine preparation, raw material mixing, configuration, disinfection, distillation, evaporation, melting, etc.

  6. ​​In the papermaking industry, it is used to heat glue rollers, drying rollers, drying rooms, drying cabinets, hot melt machines, wax melting pots and corrugated paper processing.

  7. In the building materials industry, it is used for gypsum board drying, concrete component solidification protection and prefabrication production, ceramic tile press mould, decoration material drying and linoleum production line heat.

   8. Coking industry, heating and insulation in gas storage tanks, mixing stations, and distribution stations. In the automobile manufacturing industry, it is mainly used for heating tunnel drying rooms, degreasing baths, and phosphoric acid treatment equipment.

  9. In the maritime industry, it is used for heavy oil tanks, asphalt tanks, sulfur tanks on ships, and containers that require heating and insulation.


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