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Selection of Coal / Biomass Boiler

Are you still worried about the problem of natural gas shortage in winter?

The customers always choose coal-fired and biomass fired boilers as backup ones to ensure steam providing in productions because some energy shortages like natural gas is seasonal. And for the reason of negotiation, production, transportation and installation are time-consuming, customers can take an order of biomass boilers for ensuring the steam use in winter from now on.

The coal-fired boiler of Xinli Boiler is a very mature product, its development has undergone tests of market and time. It is suitable for a wide range of coal types,like lean coal, bituminous coal and anthracite. Its application reliability and stability are beyond doubt. While Xinli Boiler’s biomass boiler utilize renewable energy sources as fuels, such as biomass, wood, and waste crops. In recent years, many countries are facing the shortage of natural gas and other boiler fuels, so biomass boilers become the choice of many enterprises because its fuels are renewable. The use of biomass boilers can reduce the demand for traditional energy, while also improving energy efficiency and promoting agricultural development. Biomass boilers can reuse agricultural waste such as discarded crops and wood, thereby reducing the accumulation of agricultural waste and environmental pollution. Xinli Boiler has been dedicated to coal and biomass fired boilers for many years, which can solve your worries on boilers.

Wide Fuel Applicability

Overseas Application Cases

Different Types of Boilers

DZL Series Automatic Coal / Biomass Fired Chain Grate Boiler

Thermal Power:0.7MW ~ 7MW Pressure:< 1.6 Mpa
This boiler adopts high-efficiency heat transfer elements with threaded smoke pipes, which have high thermal efficiency and sufficient fuel combustion. The boiler has a compact structure, a small footprint, and low construction costs for the boiler room. It also adopts automatic control equipment with multiple interlocking safety protection devices of pressure, temperature, and water level, for ensuring the safe and stable running of the boiler.

DZH Series Coal / Biomass Moving Grate Steam Boiler

Evaporation Capacity:1t/h ~ 10t/h Pressure:< 1.6 Mpa
This boiler is a single drum fast installation three passes water fire tube boiler, which has the characteristics of large heating surface, high thermal efficiency, compact structure, reasonable water circulation design, and fast startup. The reasonable air distribution of the grate is conducive to the full combustion of fuel, and the product steam quality is high with a steam dryness of over 96%. The boiler has the advantages of a high degree of mechanization, simple operation, fast overall assembly and easy installation.

SZL Series Coal / Biomass Fuel Water Tube Chain Grate Boiler

Thermal Power:2t/h~30t/h Pressure:< 1.6 Mpa
This boiler adopts a double drum vertical structure design with chain grate. The water-cooled walls on both sides of the boiler adopt a membrane type water-cooled wall structure, which has good insulation and sealing performance, and small heat dissipation loss. In addition, the boiler adopts a water-cooled arch, which enhances the strength of the arch and extends its service life. The boiler can be assembled to deliver, and the boiler room can be arranged in a single layer to save investment costs for the enterprise.

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After-sales Service Support

Xinli Boiler can provide customers with 24-hour professional and sincere online services, and answer their questions carefully and meticulously. The technical team can provide customized design solutions based on the actual use and working conditions of customers. Xinli Boiler's installation team can also provide one-on-one guidance on boiler installation work at the customer's site to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

  • Online customer service

    There is a perfect online customer service system and 24 hours hotline, one minute to respond to your consultation.

  • Online customer service

    There is a perfect online customer service system and 24 hours hotline, one minute to respond to your consultation.

  • Online customer service

    There is a perfect online customer service system and 24 hours hotline, one minute to respond to your consultation.


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