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Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

The purpose of curing concrete is to improve the compressive strength of concrete. The increase of concrete strength is not only related to raw materials and pouring technology, but also to the curing conditions of concrete. Concrete is the cornerstone of the present building, and its maintenance directly affects the service life and safety grade of the building, so the building with high safety grade needs the necessary maintenance of concrete.

Boiler Model Selection used for Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

Steam curing is one of the ways of coagulation curing. The concrete members are placed in the curing room filled with saturated steam or steam and air mixture to accelerate the concrete hardening in higher temperature and humidity environment. Prefabricated members, which are generally poured from concrete, need to be placed at room temperature for a period of time to prepare for heating, then the temperature of concrete is raised by pure saturated steam generated by steam boilers, and the heating rate must be controlled in order to prevent the damage of building materials caused by expansion. Xinli boiler is equipped with automatic pressure and temperature control system, which is sensitive and necessary for concrete maintenance in the process of engineering construction.

Boiler Model SelectionOnline Consulting

How to Choose the Suitable Boiler

Determine Boiler Capacity

Determine the saturated steam parameters of the boiler according to the requirements of the production process. The advantage of saturated steam is that it maintains a constant temperature for production.

Determine Boiler Pressure

Generally, boiler pressure is always higher than the production of saturated steam pressure, the reason is to overcome the pressure loss in the pipe or network. The actual production pressure plus the pressure drop required to overcome all pipe resistance plus a pressure margin of 25 to 30 percent is sufficient.

Concrete Curing Plant Boiler

Determine Boiler Fuel

Boilers are divided into fuel oil gas boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, electric boilers. Users have to consider the boiler fuel based on their specific situation including fuel cost and national environmental protection requirements.

Determine Boiler Structure

In addition to boiler output, working medium parameters, coal varieties three basic factors, there are other aspects such as external size, load volatility, water quality, air pollution, mechanization, automation degree, and the main and auxiliary machine selection.

Capacity and Model

If two or more boilers are needed, it’s better to select the boilers with same capacity or combustion equipment. If different, the max limitation is two models, to decrease the problems of equipment layout and management.


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